Canadian Red Cross

Canada Rocks for Japan

The Sound Academy – Ramiro Productions, When Ramiro called me to ask if I would consider being a part of the show I didn’t even hesitate for a second to offer my commitment to be there. First off, Ramiro’s a good guy with heart and I like to keep friends like that close to me. Secondly I thought it was a wonderful idea to unite through music to help save lives in Japan.

Tonight made me so proud to be Canadian.  At first, there was an uncertain air in the venue as everyone showed up for sound-check and interviews for the media red carpet. Such an eclectic cast but tonight we were all the same, celebrating humanity and showing the world the type of people we are-CANADIANS!

On the Sound Academy stage I was greeted by a lovely baby grand piano and an amazing audience. Great ingredients, the Love was everywhere in the room with all proceeds from the event going to The Canadian Red Cross. I was honoured to be a part of this great show with such a vibrant line up of Canadian artists hosted by Much Music’s Lauren Toyota. A big thank you to Ramiro Productions, Nelia Revoredo-DiBiase and all my fellow artists in no particular order. Maestro, Glenn Lewis, Chris Assaad, Rachelle, Karl Wolf, Omar Lunan, Alessia, Fito Blanko, Justin Nozuka, Jay Vado. Oriana, Steve JLin, Tuzzy, Scott Jackson, Kerian, Daniel Panetta, Shalli, Sarah Giordano, The Jeffery Brothers and Tatyana D’Voce

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