Toronto Fiesta Corso Italia

Italian Heritage Month Celebrations – Giovanni Caboto Day

Carlo Coppola joins a number of great performers on stage

Free Concert and Refreshments

Micheal Castaldo‘s Believe, Heal & Hope concert

This past Sunday night I was treated with an opportunity to be a spectator and audience member at Micheal Castaldo‘s Believe, Heal  & Hope concert. This is something I rarely get the chance to do since my own performance schedule keeps me quite busy and often booked when fellow artists are performing. It was held at Saint Bernard Church-Toronto in support of Caritas and Sharelife. Don Gianni Carparelli, author of the new book ‘Ocean Drop – Storia Di Una Goccia’ had a poem reading by poet/author Gianna Patriarca. Father Gianni was also on hand after the show sharing delightful stories with a book signing reception. It was a wonderful evening with such a warm, touching and spiritual vibe. Hats off to all who contributed in the celebration, all for a good cause!

Italian Heritage Month at Columbus Centre

What a great day today, I’m so thankful that mother nature didn’t rain on our amazing celebration for Italian Heritage Month at the Columbus Centre. Free entertainment and food open to all that ventured their way to the iconic grounds at Dufferin and Lawrence where Italians have communed for years now to a place where they can feed their mind, body and spirit.

Today tons of people came out to enjoy the day with sponsors such as Pizza Nova, Sicilian Ice Cream, Active Green & Ross. The event was also sponsored by Z-103 and none other than Tony Monaco was on hand always proud to celebrate his Italian roots and support IMH.

The line-up of singers, artists, comedians and dj’s was impressive. Alyssa Rubino, Danny Rubino, Mimma Palazzolo-Elissa, Zoe, Gabriella, Jessica, Christopher Dallo, Claudio Santaluce, Angelica Dicastro, Frank Spadone, Jack Dani, Michael Ciufo, Bruno Falvo, Melissa Rose and Dj Zee(Zio) .

A big thank you to all the supporters, sponsors and volunteers that worked tirelessly to prepare and make sure all went well. Check out more at


MARTY AWARDS – Tonight I was at the Living Arts Centre where they rolled out the red carpet for the 17th annual MARTY Awards sponsored by the Ontario Arts Council and the Mississauga Arts Council. I was honoured to be nominated for Established Performing Artist of the year. My category was slammed with amazing artists and I was humbled to be included in such good company.
The MARTYS began with a red-carpet television special recorded live by Grammy Award-winning vocalist Liberty Silver. Over 100 nominated artists walked the carpet and mingled with the numerous media companies who covered the event. Following the red-carpet launch, the MARTY award ceremony was hosted by celebrity writer Kathy Buckworth who had the audience in stitches with her infectious brand of comedy. The audience enjoyed performances by jazz vocalist Shannon Butcher, the “I Rock with the One” dance troupe, the Jay Boehmer Jazz Trio and the Patrick Panus Trio. Kathy proudly announced the winners of the awards…

Emerging Literary Arts – Zohra Zoberi
Established Literary Arts – Peter Jailall
Emerging Media Arts – Jeffery Pike
Established Media Arts – Peter Rowe
Emerging Performing Arts – Vikas Kohli
Established Performing Arts – Don Breithaupt
Emerging Performing Arts Group – Cut Throat Kids
Established Performing Arts Group – Orchestras Mississauga
Emerging Visual Arts – Jeff MacIntosh
Established Visual Arts – Leszek Wyczolkowski
Creative Community – Ian Greening
Laurie Pallett – Gerry Townsend
Hazel McCallion Volunteer of the Year – Kofi Sankofa
People’s Choice – Liberty Silver

A big CONGRATULATIONS to all of them for the much deserved recognition!

For a full list of the 2011 MARTY AWARD NOMINEES click here

Canada Rocks for Japan

The Sound Academy – Ramiro Productions, When Ramiro called me to ask if I would consider being a part of the show I didn’t even hesitate for a second to offer my commitment to be there. First off, Ramiro’s a good guy with heart and I like to keep friends like that close to me. Secondly I thought it was a wonderful idea to unite through music to help save lives in Japan.

Tonight made me so proud to be Canadian.  At first, there was an uncertain air in the venue as everyone showed up for sound-check and interviews for the media red carpet. Such an eclectic cast but tonight we were all the same, celebrating humanity and showing the world the type of people we are-CANADIANS!

On the Sound Academy stage I was greeted by a lovely baby grand piano and an amazing audience. Great ingredients, the Love was everywhere in the room with all proceeds from the event going to The Canadian Red Cross. I was honoured to be a part of this great show with such a vibrant line up of Canadian artists hosted by Much Music’s Lauren Toyota. A big thank you to Ramiro Productions, Nelia Revoredo-DiBiase and all my fellow artists in no particular order. Maestro, Glenn Lewis, Chris Assaad, Rachelle, Karl Wolf, Omar Lunan, Alessia, Fito Blanko, Justin Nozuka, Jay Vado. Oriana, Steve JLin, Tuzzy, Scott Jackson, Kerian, Daniel Panetta, Shalli, Sarah Giordano, The Jeffery Brothers and Tatyana D’Voce

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